Our restaurant specializes in selling fried, steamed and more.....chicken that is secretly marinated with our own sauce and  recipe. With each restaurants not preparing the food at the store they can manage to have less space at the site as well as limited amount of storage space which also helps to control the consistent taste of food. 




KOKIO  is one of the first chicken restaurants that focuses natural and healthy recipes,  which has successfully re-created in America. We like to share how to attract not only Korean community but main stream in America with low start-up cost, efficient management and consistent taste in this global market.

The management helps you with production, supplying goods and prolific management skill. We also do not stop developing new menu and educating our partners so that we can grow together.

Our goal is to strive among partners that is based on fidelity and loyalty.


  Operation support system

 1. Selecting menu that caters specific community

   and educating partners

2. Visiting monthly by the management team

3. Introducing advertising method and doing it together

    to better the brand

4. Being competitive by creating new menu and educating    

    them to partners.